Our project’s title is: Holiday Bible Week, a Christian moral-values promoting program of 5 days. Our partners in this project are the Romanian Reformed Church, the KOEN Foundation Holland, and 350 other communities using our program.

The problem we have been observing from years is the stunting of Christian values which is an open way towards the devolution of moral values and decrease of one feeling of security. On account of the packed school-schedule there is an information-centred teaching instead of education in our schools.

We contribute with our program to the moral education of the children leading them towards mutual acceptance. We give possibility, space to other interpretations as well: we have reformed, catholic, Lutheran groups too.

We take into consideration the individual differences, development of creativity and collective spirit when writing our program every year. Our program is realised in a community-constructive way which develops between the children and the adults working with them.

Our aim-groups are the children of 6-12 years old, all together cc. 30.000, who are open to education and the communities surrounding them: their families, school, church, consequently cc. 120.000 people.

Our foundation was started in the service of the future 14 years ago. The work had begun with 3 groups that are 1000 children in 1993. We were able to reach 30.000 children this year and hopefully 33.000 children in next year.

We write our program mapping the actual educational problems, and we present this program to team-leaders of 6 regions in Romania within the framework of presentational days. The team-leaders work in their communities with their own groups of children. This program is a changing and developing structure.

We hope that with the help of our program, a compliment to school- and church education, children become more tolerant, moral, each other excepting and more independent.