The biblical foundations of working with children

   1.Views of children in the Old Testament
   2.Views of children in the New Testament
I.Working with children over the years
   1.Short historical overview
   2.The changes of the views upon children
II.The dawns of working with children in the community
III.Working with children in the local congregation
IV.Working with children today
   1.The presentation of different methods
A.Sunday School Union
B. Child Evangelism Fellowship
C. Kinderwerk Oost Europe Nederland, KOEN Romania
D. Children and Worship
   2.Forms of working with children
A.The Sunday Schools
B.The children’s congregation
C.Religious service for children
D.Teaching religion at school
E.Bible study for children
F.Holiday Bible Week
G.Camps for children
H.Playhouse for children
I.“Child nursery”
J.Working with children outside the congregation
V.Working with children- future prospects
   1.Its influences upon the future
   2.Continuation of working with children- constant integration into the community
VI.Testimonies of the benefits of working with children